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I thought you might be interested in the following vacancy from GODAN:


GODAN <http://www.godan.info/>  is an initiative that seeks to support
global efforts to make data relevant to agriculture and nutrition available,
accessible, and usable for unrestricted use worldwide.


The GODAN Secretariat will drive and deliver a range of key activities that
uncovers what great work is going on today in the field of open data in
agriculture, food and nutrition, communicating globally so as many people as
possible understand its value, and advocate with key people which should in
turn generate more open data initiatives.


An important role in this is a Strategic Communications Advisor
ns-Advisor-(GODAN).pdf>  who will work at a high level developing and
delivering a communications strategy which supports a growing partnership
committed to open science and which engages with key international players
to support policy change.


The GODAN Secretariat is hosted by CABI, an international not-for-profit
organization that improves people's lives by providing information and
applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the
environment. The role will be based in Wallingford, near Oxford, UK.


Closing date for application is 13th March 2015. To find out more about the
role and how to apply, download the application pack
ns-Advisor-(GODAN).pdf> .


Many thanks,



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