[open-economics] Doodle Poll for the Apps4Italy Hackday

Dirk Heine dirk.heine at okfn.org
Thu Dec 22 04:34:18 UTC 2011

Dear all,

On Sunday I sent an email to this list but sent it off using a
non-registered email address and just realized that it never went through,
waiting for moderator approval (sorry, somewhat overworked at the moment).
I am hence re-sending it and would much appreciate if you could still read
it. And I would even more appreciate if you could reply to the below.

Many thanks and best wishes!


On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 6:53 PM, Dirk Heine <dirk.heine at cantab.net> wrote:

> Dear team,
> I am incredibly sorry that I did not attend. The last week at the fund was
> a bit too much for me and at the end of it I forgot our meeting.
> I would be grateful if -despite my absence- I could still make a few
> inputs. Particularly, I would much appreciate a decision on item 4.
>    1.
>    Update on meeting at World Bank: I had an informal lunch meeting on
>    Tuesday with people from the World Bank's Innovation Practice team and that
>    was incredibly interesting. They are still interested in Yourtopia; asked
>    how we are following up on it (I told then them about ProgressVote). They
>    will publish an internal article in due course on how Apps4Dev winners
>    continued their apps. Velichka and I provided answers for this.
>    2.
>    Worldbank is also organising a new competition: Apps4Climate. I wanted
>    to ask if we would like to update our app http://energy.publicdata.eu(to use Worldbank data and more countries) and submit it to that
>    competition.
>    3.
>    Methodological work: http://wiki.okfn.org/ProgressVote is now updated
>    with our newest concept. In terms of robustness, it is a big step ahead
>    from Yourtopia.
>    4.
>    I would like to suggest the following approach to ProgressVote at
>    Apps4Italy: I think we all are incredibly overwhelmed with deadlines at the
>    moment and I think -if left on our own- major programming efforts may not
>    be realistic currently. But we have done all preparation work in terms of
>    the economics, we have also identified suitable data, and delaying
>    ProgressVote would be a big pity in our wider attempts to push for open
>    economic policy since several countries are working on social progress
>    measurement NOW (following a decision of several EU governments after the
>    Stiglitz report). The time to submit it is hence also now; delaying it
>    would significantly reduce our potential impact. Furthermore, particularly
>    in Italy there is a need to focus political debate at issues beyond budget
>    cuts: everyone is deep in austerity talk and our app may instead want to
>    contribute to debate on the growth/progress debate that is needed in the
>    country.
>    So how could we realize this project despite the incredibly tight time
>    schedules affecting everyone in the team at the moment? I suggest that we
>    should now dedicate the funds we got from Yourtopia for 1 experienced data
>    visualizer to take a lead on programmning ProgressVote. I could still work
>    on data collection and economics, Rosamaria has offered her support too and
>    the planned HackDay will be great for finishing up. But I suggest we do
>    need a programming and visualisation expert to take the lead in the
>    meantime; and that may only be realistic if we dedicate funds now.
>  I would much appreciate your feedback, particularly on actionable item
> #4.
>  Again, very sorry for missing the call. Any reply would be greatly
> appreciated.
>  Best wishes,
> Dirk
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