[open-economics] Two drafts for development applications

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Sat Jan 1 10:56:50 UTC 2011

On 31 December 2010 16:51, Guo Xu <guo at guoxu.org> wrote:
> Hi Rufus and other OKFN readers,
> First, thanks a lot for your comments and positive feedback - I'm
> excited to work with OKFN - this will surely be a fruitful project.
> Both 7th and 8th of January are fine with me. Until then, it would be
> great if we could gather some more comments and suggestions from other
> OKFN members. The code is (unfortunately) written in ASP 3.0 and was
> rather meant as a "proof of concept" - ideally, we would need to

Good point -- and a very good proof of concept (as they say, 'the
conceptual components take most of the time"). Would you be up for a
rewrite in python and flask? I think we could move very quickly with

> improve the client-side scripts (Ajax etc) and the visualization of
> the results. One main idea of the project was to integrate a
> "scientific approach" into online games, reconciling "fun" with data
> collection. As a byproduct, we also contribute to promoting a
> multidimensional approach towards development - something that has
> become increasingly mainstream in recent years.

That's a great idea -- having some incentive (be that fun or kudos) is
essential to any crowdsourcing endeavour.

> Currently, we only display a table with the ranking - based on the
> data we collect, however, we could generate a wide range of more
> interesting plots (for example, comparing your answers against the
> "average EUtopia" results etc). In that regard, it would be really
> useful to find someone experienced with Flash driven graphs and plots.

I don't think we need flash here - javascript graphing has got good enough :)

> Anyway, just a quick reply from my side - hope to hear back from you
> so we could fix the date. In the meantime, you're all welcome to send
> in suggestions, either through the mailing list (although I'm not sure
> if I receive the messages) or directly to me.

Great. Let's pencil in the 7th (and perhaps 8th) now.

BTW if you want to subscribe to the lists you can do that here:




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