[open-economics] New Enquête Commission

Dirk Heine dirk at common-future.org
Mon Jan 17 18:50:17 UTC 2011

Dear all, 

The ideas on composite progress-indicators that we are currently testing
with Yourtopia as well as its aim for mainstreaming the progress debate
fall into an interesting time.

Today, the German Bundestag launched an Enqête Commission (an infrequent
formation for substantiative inquiry into selected social issues) on
"Growth, Well-being and Quality of Life". "The objective is the
development of a new progress-indicator [...]", as well as policies for
de-coupling. Different from previous German "talk-only groups" this
commission seems to have a clear task to develop tools. 


With best wishes,


Sources: http://www.bundestag.de/presse/hib/2011_01/2011_012/01.html
& Frankfuter Rundschau today p.4.

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