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This is really interesting. Especially after the global spike in government
spending around 2009, many government are making plans on cutting their

As it it curious to see what the other data is, I downloaded and looked at
the country level data as well as the country groups from the IMF's WEO and
uploaded the two smaller datasets with the total government expenditure
relative to GDP on the Datahub:


One dataset is the time series for all countries, and the other dataset is
country groups + United Kingdom.

Looking at the country data, it seems that the UK is making deeper cuts
than any of the South European countries in crisis are prepared to do.
Imagine that even Greece is not as drastic as the UK:

*See Graph* <http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8476/8095499879_46e0927d9e_z.jpg>

When comparing with country group averages United Kingdom is indeed
plunging under the Advanced Economies average. It is still quite
interesting to see where all country groups have been. In terms of the
spiking spending around 2009, it is only Latin America that has just
gradually increased government expenditure around the time of the global
financial and economic crisis. Asian countries and developing countries
have of course much leaner governments for the lack of the welfare state.

*See Graph* <http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8469/8095499391_daaf7f6fb2_z.jpg>

Note: as this is about relative numbers, these spikes in government
expenditure might not be because of increased spending per se
(infrastructure investments), but also because global GDP numbers fell
around the crisis years. Has anyone else done some research in this area?

Would you like to play around with the data yourself and see other
comparisons between countries?

You are welcome to have a go at the *Google Fusion
the dataset of all countries.


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