[open-economics] Data Party: Tracking Europe’s Failed Banks

Anders Pedersen anderspeders at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 21:39:20 UTC 2012

Hi All,

This evening we concluded the first online sprint tracking failed banks in
Europe. Thanks to everyone who joined we managed to gather and update close
to 50 bank failures bringing the complete tracker of failed European bank
to 98.

You can access and edit the sheet of the 95 failed banks we have gathered
in the tracker here:

On the Etherpad you can find more detailed considerations on sources,
columns etc. http://econ.okfnpad.org/failed-banks?

Below follows a short recap of the event:
1) Introduction to the Failed Bank sprint:
- if we should focus on Europe or globally. We agreed to begin by tracking
European bank failures, but possibly expand at a later stage
- we discussed sources of data: national government sources was highlighted
as the preferred source, which proved to be accessible in cases in both
Italy and the UK.
- types of bank failures we cover: We touched briefly on the challenges
raised by the many different ways banks have crashed. In the sheet we have
designated a column called "Type of restructuring". After the sprint the
following categories appear in this column:
a) Nationalisation
b) Partly nationalised
c) Eurozone bailout injection
d) Controlled administration
e) Administration
f) Extraordinary Administration
g) Declared insolvent

Down the road it might be useful to write some more details about what the
legal and economic differences are to the various categories.

2) Status after the Data Sprint: The 98 failed banks in the tracker breaks
down on the following countries:
Austria 3
Belgium 3
Bulgaria 1
Denmark 11
Finland 1
Germany 1
Greece 6
Iceland 16
Ireland 6
Italy 17
Latvia 2
Lithuania 1
Portugal 5
Spain 4
UK 18

3) Which countries are we missing
We managed to make inroads into in particular Portuguese, Italian, UK and
Greece banks tonight. In total we added and updated something around 50
banks. We agreed to allow anyone two weeks to add their final updates to
the table. After that some of us will have a look to see how we can
visualize the collected data as either map, timeline or both.

Below you will find the current status of the failed bank information
provided for each country. Most countries still needs bank added, and some
are still completely blank.

Austria: Partly covered
Belgium: Partly covered
Bulgaria: Partly covered
Cyprus: Blank
Czech Republic: Blank
Denmark: Complete
Estonia: Blank
Finland: Complete
France: Blank
Germany: Blank
Greece: partly covered
Hungary: Blank
The Irish Republic: Partly covered
Italy: partly covered
Latvia: partly covered
Lithuania: partly covered
Luxembourg: Blank
Malta: Blank
The Netherlands: Partly covered
Poland: Blank
Portugal: partly covered
Romania: Blank
Slovakia: Blank
Slovenia: Blank
Spain: Partly covered
Sweden: Complete
The UK: Partly covered

Non-EU countries:
Iceland: Complete

This was all for now. Please add your data to the sheet or the Etherpad. I
two weeks I will make another call to ask if anyone wants to join
developing some visualizations based on the data.

Thanks again to all for the data party and a good start for the Failed Bank


On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 3:43 PM, Velichka Dimitrova <
velichka.dimitrova at okfn.org> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I would like to invite you to attend virtually an online sprint / data
> party about gathering data on failed banks in Europe.
> This would be on *Wednesday, October 25th *at *5:30pm London / 6:30pm
> Berlin / 7.30pm Athens*
> Please read Anders Pedersen's blog post to learn more about the context of
> this sprint and the necessity to have information and data in this area.
> *http://openeconomics.net/2012/10/18/failed-bank-tracker/*
> *
> *
> The participation of people from different countries in Europe (and around
> the world) would be really valuable, as you would have more knowledge about
> local sources of information and the context in your country.
> In order to attend, please add your name and skype ID on the collaborative
> etherpad and be online around the appointed time:
> http://econ.okfnpad.org/failed-banks
> We look forward to your participation
> --
> Velichka Dimitrova
> Coordinator of the Open Economics Working Group
> Open Knowledge Foundation
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