[open-economics] Open Research Data Handbook - Call for Case Studies

Velichka Dimitrova velichka.dimitrova at okfn.org
Wed Apr 10 13:51:20 UTC 2013

Dear all,

The Open Research Data Handbook is beginning to take shape and we need you!
We’re looking for case studies showing benefits from open research data:
either from researchers who have personal stories to share or from people
with relevant expertise willing to write short sections.

Designed to provide an introduction to open research data, we’re developing
a resource that will explain what open research data actually is, the
benefits of opening up research data, as well as the processes and tools
which researchers need to do so. We're considering the generic aspects
relevant for all disciplines: science, social science, economics, etc.


*We now need your help to gather concrete case studies which detail your
experiences of working with open research data. Specifically, we are
looking for:*

   - *

   Stories of the benefits you have seen as a result of Open Research Data
   - *

   Challenges you have faced in open research, and how you overcame them
   - *

   Case studies of tools you have used to share research data or to make it
   openly available
   - *

   Examples of how failing to follow open research practices has hindered
   the progress of science
   - *

   ..More ideas from you!

Read more on the blog

Get in touch through the case study

If you have any questions, please contact us: researchhandbook at okfn.org.

Best wishes

The Open Research Data Handbook team
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