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Gustavo Silva gustavosantaremsilva at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 22:44:26 UTC 2016

Hello all,

In the past days, I have been thinking about adopting one project
management tool for the group. The idea is to have a platform where we can
discuss each project in an organized way. The official forum's is
supposedly there to be used for that purpose, but I do not have any control
of our group/section. I'm very organized and I bet the forum will look like
a mess in the future.

Anyway: Initially, I was keen on using Slack. But the freemium plans are
not that good. The OKFN's groups are also looking for similar software to
use in the entire organization and their suggestions do not suffice: Some
open source alternatives require a machine to be active 24/7 and I cannot
afford it, nor do I have a spare machine for this. And here is where Trello
comes in. I have used Trello (https://trello.com/) in the past and it seems
to be the best option within open source projects.
It is graphical, organizable, and should be focused on the discussion of
the projects. It is a nice chance for everybody to be easily update about
each project, to-do lists etc. Yes, I know we have been using GitHub for
that purpose. However, some non-coding projects will require discussion.
Since the storage for free accounts in GitHub is relatively limited, it
feels pointless to waste space on writing projects (say, handle the blog,
social media, etc.).

So, my question to you all is:
- What are your thoughts about Trello?
- Do you think we could use Trello?
- Do you know any other similar software (similar like Slack and Trello)
that is worth pointing out?

Thank you very much for your time!

PS: In some time soon, I will release a 1-year plan for the work group.
That will happen on the forums (https://discuss.okfn.org), under the Open
Economics section. Please drop by, give me your feedback and feel free to
suggest any edit - the official writing will be done via Google Docs, so
everyone can participate. Either way, I will send something to the mailing
list as a notice.

Best Regards / Obrigado e com os melhores cumprimentos,
Gustavo Silva
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