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Hi everyone

Apologies for any cross-posting, but I thought members of this list would
be interested in this course at P2PU - it's useful for any of us who think
about open research...


*Join our Open Research course: Learn how to conduct research openly and

Beck Pitt, researcher at the Open University's OER Research Hub, says:

"Are you curious about what it means to research openly and what benefits
it could have? Interested in how you can be open and ethical when
conducting research? Wondering how openness could help raise the profile of
your research? Thinking about the benefits of sharing reflections on your

"The award-winning, Hewlett Foundation-funded OER Research Hub based at The
Open University (UK) is pleased to announce its very own School of Open
course <https://p2pu.org/en/courses/2377/open-research/> in collaboration
with the Peer 2 Peer University and Creative Commons."

"Over six months in the making and peer-reviewed by the community
<http://community.p2pu.org/category/school-of-open>, this new School of
Open course offers the opportunity to explore the concept and practices of
open research with participants from around the world. The course has been
designed for any researcher who has an interest in utilizing open
techniques and practices in their own research."

"Join researchers Bea de los Arcos, Rob Farrow, Beck Pitt, and project
manager Natalie Eggleston for this four-week course that explores what open
research is and the issues involved around it, including: ethics,
dissemination, reflection, and evaluation. The course starts *Monday, 15
September 2014* and features its very own "Open Research" badge
<https://badges.p2pu.org/en/badge/view/563/> for course completion and

*Sign up for the course here.

To sign up, simply click the "Start Course" button on the lower left of the
course page once you have signed into or registered for a p2pu.org account.
Sign-up will remain open through *Friday, 12 September*.

School of Open <http://schoolofopen.org/>
Take a Course <http://schoolofopen.p2pu.org/courses/>, Workshop
<http://schoolofopen.p2pu.org/workshops/>, Training Program

[image: School of Open] <http://schoolofopen.org/>

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