[Open-education] Is there still an OER movement?

Josie Fraser josie at josiefraser.com
Fri Aug 22 14:29:30 UTC 2014

Hi Mick, I'll be aiming to share all of the materials we are producing for other schools to make use of in October if all goes well - these include School Leadership and Governing Body briefing notes, a model policy for Local Authorities, and a model policy for Governing Bodies for schools where the LA is not the employer (Academies, Trusts and Voluntary Aided schools). Thanks for the support! 

CAS is doing some great work with schools in relation to the computing curricullum, and I am a big fan of the CAS Include working group http://casinclude.org.uk/ . It would be great if the resources didn't require a log in, but I don't know enough about CAS's funding arrangements to know if this is a compromise that supports them sharing openly licenced work or not.  

The focus of my work isn't specifically on the computing curriculum/computing staff - I'm interested in how all school staff who support learners (school leaders, teachers in all departments, teaching support staff, and school library staff) understand and make use of technologies. Copyright, open licences and open educational resources are basic whole school issues, given the relationship of schools and learners to online and digital resources. 

In relation to students and the new (English) computing curriculum though - the Key Stage 3 requirement to "create, reuse, revise and repurpose digital artefacts for a given 
audience, with attention to trustworthiness, design and usability" explicitly provides a great way for staff to talk to students about copyright and open licencing. Students also have the IP rights to work they produce in school - meaning  it's actually a lot more straightforward for learners to be creating and sharing OERs than it is for staff, since they don't need the agreement of an employer. I think some excellent work could be done around this. 

Congratulations on your bursary and the PGCE! 

 Best, Josie 

On Friday, 22 August 2014, 14:09, Mick FM <mick at flossmanuals.net> wrote:

On 22/08/14 13:49, Josie Fraser wrote:

>In order to move beyond this initial awareness raising, policy issues around of permissions and IP rights have to be tackled. For the vast majority of schools in the city, Leicester City Council is the employer and as such, the IP rights holder of work created by school staff in the line of employment. So I'm currently also taking forward proposals internally to provide school staff with the ability to openly licence educational resources. It's currently in committee at the moment. 
Hi Josie, 

This sounds like a great project. I start a PGCE to teach the new
    Computing curriculum in secondary schools in 3 weeks so this will be
    very welcome. 

I got a bursary to do it from the BCS to do it and they are in
    partnership with CAS (Computing at School). I would be very
    interested to hear your take on their work and resource site which I
    imagine you've looked into. 
It's here - http://community.computingatschool.org.uk/resources

The notable thing is you have to register and log in to get access. 
Resources are http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ by default. 



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