[Open-education] Is there still an OER movement?

Mick FM mick at flossmanuals.net
Fri Aug 22 16:14:36 UTC 2014

On 22/08/14 15:29, Josie Fraser wrote:
> CAS is doing some great work with schools in relation to the computing
> curricullum, and I am a big fan of the CAS Include working group
> http://casinclude.org.uk/ . It would be great if the resources didn't
> require a log in, but I don't know enough about CAS's funding
> arrangements to know if this is a compromise that supports them
> sharing openly licenced work or not. 

That's really good to hear. I'm glad they are good eggs and it seems
that the resources don't actually require a log in, they are just a
little tricky to find.
> In relation to students and the new (English) computing curriculum
> though - the Key Stage 3 requirement to "create, reuse, revise and
> repurpose digital artefacts for a given audience, with attention to
> trustworthiness, design and usability" explicitly provides a great way
> for staff to talk to students about copyright and open licencing.
> Students also have the IP rights to work they produce in school -
> meaning  it's actually a lot more straightforward for learners to be
> creating and sharing OERs than it is for staff, since they don't need
> the agreement of an employer. I think some excellent work could be
> done around this.
Great news about remixing being in the KS3 curriculum. I focused on this
for my teacher training interview presentation -
Interestingly, they said I was the only applicant who had ever talked
about this!
One of the slides says "Lawyers to the rescue!" - how often do you hear

About the IP. It makes me wonder what approach CAS took in implementing
their CC-BY-SA default licence. Maybe they just sidestepped /ignored
that issue as they weren't being directly funded by local authorities. 

> Congratulations on your bursary and the PGCE!

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