[Open-education] OpenupEd published quality label on MOOCs including open licensing policy

Darco Jansen darco.jansen at eadtu.eu
Thu Feb 6 17:09:41 UTC 2014

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Dear all,

Just to inform you all that OpenupEd published a quality label for MOOCs ('OpenupEd label') on 25 January 2014 after a review period.
See http://www.openuped.eu/news/98-openuped-quality-label-published
or http://www.openuped.eu/mooc-features/openuped-label

MOOCs offered by OpenupEd partners are subject to their institutional quality assurance systems which apply to their regular academic courses. In addition the partnership has agreed on applying this published quality label for its MOOCs based on the common framework of OpenupEd features.

Quality dimension include many aspects of open education. I.e., the MOOCs are designed in such a way that unnecessary barriers to learning are removed, while aiming to provide learners with a reasonable chance of success for completion. OpenupEd endorses the use of OER and has an open licensing policy. Many courses already satisfy this regime which allows you to reuse - remix - rework - redistribute learning materials. Open licensing policy is also preferred for educational software in the MOOCs platforms (open source) and for the data produced in MOOCs (open data) to improve learning and the educational offer.

Best regards,

Darco Jansen
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