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today, I've read a post shared by an Indian on Diaspora*:

TL;DR: The Malayalam Wiki Grandhasala has announced a competition in
digitally preserving rare books in Malayalam.

Since it is a "wikisource" I assume, it's somewhat Open (sorry, do not
understand Malayalm ?)

So here's the content:

?Digitalisation Contest 2014?, launched by the Wiki community, is aimed
at digitising rare books in Malayalam, the copyright of which has
expired, and making them available online in Unicode font.

The Wiki community wants the books to reach innumerable readers through
the Internet.

The competition will be held in separate categories for schools and the
general public. The competition involves entering the text on the
computer and proof-reading. The prizes include e-book readers and books.

In the first phase of the project, 55 books listed by the Kerala Sahitya
Akademi have been offered for digitising. They include ?Samskshepa
Vedartham? (1772), ?Malayanmayude Vyakaranam? (1863) and
?Hasthalakshanadeepika? (1892).

Copies of magazines such as ?Rasikaranjini? and ?Mangalodayam? have also
been offered for digitising.

Those who wish to take part in the competition should visit the Wiki
Grandhasala (ml.wikisource.org) and become a member of the project.

Details of the competition and the list of books may be downloaded. The
contest will be open till January 31. It is being organised on the 10th
anniversary of the Wiki Source project by the Centre for Internet and
Society, IT at School project, Swathanthra Malayalam Computing and the
Kerala Sahitya Akademi.


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