[Open-education] Free webinar on Institutional Open Education and OER Policies

Terry Loane terryloane at aol.com
Mon Jun 16 15:47:14 UTC 2014

Subscribers to this list may be interested in the next webinar curated
by the ALT <https://www.alt.ac.uk/> Open Education Special Interest Group.

The webinar will take place at 12.30 pm BST on Monday 23 June. Paul
Bacsich and Terese Bird will address issues and key questions around
institutional OER policies. Further details and registration information
can be found at:
https://www.alt.ac.uk/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=111. The webinar
will include consideration of the following questions:

  * Why have a policy?
  * What are the problems in developing a policy?
  * How do you get your teaching staff on board?
  * Did it require extra staff (as with MOOCs in some cases)?
  * What are the main elements of your policy? For example, is there was
    a minimum/maximum amount of OER that could be used e.g. only 50%
    could be made up from OER.
  * Have you had feedback from students about the policy?
  * Has there been feedback (good/bad) from students as a result?
  * What have been the key benefits of developing and having a policy?

I am sorry for any inconvenience that may be caused by cross-posting.

Terry Loane
Secretary, ALT Open Education SIG
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