[Open-education] Report of the "European Education, Training and Youth Forum 2015": Open Education in Slovenia

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At the European Education, Training and Youth Forum, held on 19 & 20 October 2015 in Brussels, there was a key talk on OER by Mitja Jermol, UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for Open Educational Resources and Open Education, and a head of the Centre for Knowledge Transfer at Jozef Stefan Institute in Slovenia. The report of this is just now published by the European Commission Directorate-General for Education and Culture, Unit A.1  - Europe 2020, Investment Plan, Education and Training 2020.
The talk was on on “Open and Innovative Education: How innovative technologies can change the ways of teaching and learning if they are promoted in a strategic and systematic manner.”

Mitja Jermol spoke with reference to an example in Slovenia of the first world-wide initiative for open education. In his talk he outlined 3 key points to consider when thinking about open education as a tool:

  a.. We do not listen to young people. We think we know how they learn or what literacy and digital literacy are. Young people, however, are getting together and constructing complex systems of their own. 
  b.. Open educational resources: This concept does not only presuppose that the content is free, but also that the necessary legal permissions are acquired to retain and to redistribute the materials that are made available. 
  c.. Artificial intelligence tools can now be used to extract information from content, and to understand the user on the other side, e.g. they can understand an individual's learning goals. This allows for personalised learning.
He said he was now interested in looking at the changing role of schools to learn what is next for the role of teachers and schools in the open education world. He encouraged participants to make contact with him to learn from their successes and also their mistakes.

The full notes of his session can  be found in the report at https://education-training-youth-forum.teamwork.fr/docs/forum-report-for-publication.pdf 

More generally, the workshop synopsis and presentations and TED-like talk videos at the Forum can be found under the tab "PROGRAMME" – see https://education-training-youth-forum.teamwork.fr/en/programme

Pictures and videos of the 2 days can be found under "PICTURES AND VIDEOS" – see https://education-training-youth-forum.teamwork.fr/en/gallery
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