[Open-education] OER policies and copyright reform as two paths towards user rights in education

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Thanks Alec for the update.
I will be speaking today at another panel at the European Parliament, titled Media Literacy: XXI Century Challenge <http://www.eucis-lll.eu/news/eucis-lll-news/expert-debate-on-the-challenge-of-media-literacy/>, where I will also promote OER and open education as a prerequisite for inclusive digital literacy. Let’s hope that these consecutive messages will have some effects in the EU institutions corridors….

> Il giorno 02 dic 2015, alle ore 16:01, Alek Tarkowski <atarkowski at centrumcyfrowe.pl> ha scritto:
> Dear all,
> Centrum Cyfrowe and Communia recently organised a policy debate in the European Parliament, hosted by Michał Boni, Member of the European Parliament. We wanted to talk about education, user rights and copyright - and demonstrate two parallel solutions: OER policies and copyright reform.
> The event was a success, with 40 people attending, including 4 Members of the EuroParliament and many stakeholders and experts based in Brussels. There was a general sense that this is an important current issue, that can be talked during ongoing EU legislative process.
> You can find my writeup of the event here: Securing user rights in education – reflections from our policy debate <http://oerpolicy.eu/securing-user-rights-in-education-reflections-from-our-policy-debate/>
> The event also sparked an interesting discussion on how to talk about OER and reform in one go - I’m grateful to Christer Gundersen from Norwegian NDLA for raising this issue: Copyright and OER in the same debate is not a good mix <http://www.goopen.no/?p=1731>
> And I published my response on Communia’s “Copyright untangled” publication on Medium: Two sides of the same coin: open education and copyright reform <https://medium.com/copyright-untangled/two-sides-of-the-same-coin-open-education-and-copyright-reform-24eb84d30819?source=latest---------1>
> I’m curious whether you have any thoughts on this issue.
> All the best,
> Alek
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