[Open-education] we are looking for a "WOW!" type of story about OER

Alek Tarkowski atarkowski at centrumcyfrowe.pl
Tue Feb 3 07:30:01 UTC 2015


We're working with our Polish OER team on a workshop scenario and materials that will allow educators to run peer-taught workshops on open education. Our goal is to reach a point where we can crowdsource the type of workshops that usually our teams run - since the demand is always larger than our capacities.

We are thinking a lot about making these workshops fun, through engaging activities, etc.

But we also feel that what's needed is a story about OER that makes everyone say "WOW!". At best with an emotional, personal aspect - so a story "a country is spending billions on OER" is not that type of story. Rather one like the story, often told by OA advocates, about Jack Andraka, a teenager who developed a new way to diagnose cancer with the use of OA journals.

So my question is, do you know of a similar story about open education? We've been brainstorming, and haven't come up with one. 
We'll be grateful for any suggestions.
(I've already received some great responses on other email lists, including some tips from Marieke - thanks! But I'm hoping the crowd here might have some additional insights)


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