[Open-education] Wow Stories and OER Testimonials

Alexandre Enkerli aenkerli at vteducation.org
Tue Feb 3 13:47:00 UTC 2015

Sounds like an interesting project, collecting inspiring stories about OER use (and not just top-down investment in big OER projects). Will ask around, as it might also help us.
In my experience, one challenge with collecting those things is that some of the most stimulating things appear commonplace for people who do them. It’s a very common thing we notice, in ethnography, that the most interesting stuff is what sounds completely obvious to some but amazingly wonderful to others.

So, a good technique could be to facilitate a workshop during which people can explain how they use OER, providing examples of people who use them properly. It could also be done through observed usage and open-ended interviews. Some UX people are really good at this type of thing.

Otherwise, it’s likely that the second- or third-degree contacts from the OER field will provide the concrete examples of practical use we seek. It’s not just about the BBC’s use of Linked Data. It’s about learners empowering themselves.

Let us know how it goes!

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