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Cable and Others:  I have been asked by COL to assist in the creation of a curriculum plan supporting Open School Operation and Management.  It is a document that will guide the collaborative creation of OER modules that can be used to guide the design and delivery of either a Graduate Diploma or Certificate.   


COL has published a number of studies and guiding documents (produced by others) addressing the issues related to primary and secondary open school management.   I have also found a number of other academic publications that may be helpful as I create the curriculum, but I am seeking input from others in this community re:  recent articles and books that illustrate best practices and research findings on the creation and management of K to 12 Open Schools.  Most of the articles I have found to date are based on studies or best practices in higher education.  Many are based in populations in Europe and the USA.  The COL target audience (at present) are members of the Commonwealth.


I am seeking input from the members of this forum re: publications and articles.  I would ask members involved in the Open School K to 12 environment if they could provide recommendations/links to academic publications and research studies that are founded in observation and study of the open school k to 12 populations.  At present the topics we propose to explore are listed below.


Module 1 – Foundations and Evolution of ODL and Open Schooling.

Module 2 – Open School Systems and Models.

Module 3 – Open School Examples/Case Studies.

Module 4 – OER and the Creative Commons – An Introduction.

Module 5 – OER Design, Development and Publication.

Module 6 – Open School Course Delivery and Management.

Module 7 – Student Support in Open Schools.

Module 8 – Open School Management.


Based on the postings in this forum I have a number of solid publications and articles re: Modules 4 and 5.  Suggestions for the other modules would be welcomed.  If you wish to communicate with me directly my contact information is below.


Thanks in advance for your input.


Cheers, Roger


Roger Powley, CD PhD

COL Consultant

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