[Open-education] Florida Bill and student textbook & instructional materials survey - big changes in reporting proposed

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From: Robin Donaldson 
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Subject: [OER-advocacy] Florida Bill and student textbook & instructional materials survey


I wanted to share some changes made to one of Florida’s bills: CS/HB 7019: Education Access and Affordability. Students may see some significant cost savings if innovative pricing techniques or payment options are adopted by the institutions. The following is a summary of the changes:
  a.. Authorizing state university and Florida College System institution boards of trustees to adopt policies that allow innovative pricing techniques and payment options for textbooks and instructional materials.; 
  b.. Institutions must annually conduct textbook and instructional material cost benefit analyses and report annually on implementation of textbook affordability policies; 
  c.. Requiring public postsecondary institution boards of trustees to report, by semester, the cost variance among sections and the length of time textbooks and other materials are in use for all general education courses. 

  The bill also requires each postsecondary institution to conduct cost benefit analyses that enable students to obtain the highest quality product for the lowest available price, by considering: 

   Purchasing digital textbooks in bulk; 

   Expanding the use of open-access textbooks and instructional materials; 

   Providing rental options for textbooks and instructional materials; 

   Increasing the availability and use of affordable digital textbooks and learning objects; 

   Developing mechanisms to assist in buying, renting, selling, and sharing textbooks and instructional materials; 

   Examining the length of time textbooks and instructional materials remain in use; and 

   Evaluating the relative cost savings for “opt-in” provisions versus “out-out” provisions for students purchasing textbooks and instructional materials. 

2016 Textbook & Instructional Materials Survey
We are also in the middle of another round of our statewide higher education Textbook and Instructional Materials survey. Due to changes in the above mentioned bill, we have included questions on student expenditures for instructional materials. The survey closes at the end of the month. 






Robin L. Donaldson, PhD

Director, Member Research and Services

850.922.3107 | rdonaldson at flvc.org | @robinldonaldson

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