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Subject: [OER-advocacy] New PIRG Report on Textbook Prices

Hi everyone,

Last fall, PIRG conducted a survey of nearly 5,000 students about financial aid use to buy textbooks. Today, we're releasing the results of that survey in our new report "Covering the Cost."

It'll be live in a few minutes at this link: http://studentpirgs.org/reports/sp/covering-cost

After laying out the problem, the report makes the case for why OER has the greatest potential to solve high prices, addresses the broader barriers holding OER back, and makes recommendations for decision-makers on campus, in the statehouse, and on all levels. 

We're holding stand-up release events at a few dozen campuses around the country [US], and engaging national media markets. We're posting on social media with the hashtag #freethetextbook. Feel free to share!



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