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Paul Bacsich Sero paul.bacsich at sero.co.uk
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Below is a link to a free guide to online courses. The guide looks particularly useful for prospective students and those less familiar with the US market.

Experts on lists such as this tend to get asked lots of questions. Sadly we can no longer rely on national and international agencies to fund or support information provision about open online learning to the level that they used to do. So I think that guides like this from particular organisations do have a value and may save experts from giving the same answer to the same question time after time.

As ever we remain watchful, careful not to let this list become a PR channel for providers, be they commercial or non-profit.

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From: Lisa Bennett 
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Subject: Free Learning Resources: Open Online Courses Guide 

Hi there,

Last year, over 16 million students worldwide enrolled in free open online courses, enhancing and supplementing their education through public access learning. To help students make the most of these opportunities, we've created a timely guide to open online courses.

We think students in your community would benefit from this guide and hope you'll consider sharing it by adding a link to your site.

  a.. Help curious minds find interesting and new topics to explore 
  b.. Give teachers access to supplemental instructional tools to enhance their curricula 
  c.. Bolster support systems for students seeking help with English proficiency or core subjects 
Again, you can review this resource here: www.onlinecolleges.net/for-students/open-online-courses-and-moocs/ 

Please let me know how you plan to share this resource, or if you have questions. 

Thank you for your time,

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