[Open-education] Let’s make Copyright work for Education: please help

Cable Green cable at creativecommons.org
Mon May 8 21:21:00 UTC 2017

Greetings Open Education Friends:

*(the following is a remix of a request from Lisette Kalshoven)*

There is one week left on the rightcopyright.eu campaign.  Thanks to
everyone who has already signed the petition!

Please share with your networks and ask people to sign. You can:

1. Retweet this:

   - https://twitter.com/communia_eu/status/860788880445976576 or make your
   own tweet

2. Share this on Facebook:

   - You may not know it, but you are breaking the law. Help us change
   this: https://rightcopyright.eu #rightcopyright

3. Share this e-mail with mailing lists, friends/colleagues:

Dear ****,

All over Europe, you are working towards shaping a new education system. A
system that is collaborative, open and invites you to make the most of the
tools and technologies around you. Unfortunately, copyright laws haven’t
changed for over fifteen years, and this is affecting you every day.

We would like to invite you to join us in our mission to shape the future
of education now. Let’s make copyright right. Right now.

Are you with us? Sign the petition at rightcopyright.eu

We really appreciate your support!

[Name + email signature]

4. Include a quick message about the campaign in any newsletters you might
send, or think might be relevant for the campaign. You can find gifs and
other useful communications tools here:

5. All of the above ;)

My sincere thanks,



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Director of Open Education
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