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*From Katie Steen (SPARC) | Volume 50 | February 8, 2018With updates from
Matt Ruen THE OER DIGESTYour bi-weekly newsletter for open education
updates, opportunities, and remindersWA STUDENTS HAVE SPOKEN: 10,000
students across Washington’s 34 community and technical college were asked
about the affordability of course materials. The responses
showed that an alarming amount of students do not have access to the
required course materials they need. 44% of students indicated that they
have sometimes or often taken courses without the required materials due to
the cost. Student respondents recommended that institutions use open
educational resources to combat expensive materials. OER APPROVED IN OH:
Ohio State surveyed
students and instructors in 12 courses across a diverse set of disciplines
about their experience with OER and other low-cost materials. The survey
found that students and faculty were generally pleased with the quality and
experience of using open and affordable digital materials. According to
David Mullins, Evaluation and Feedback Lead from ODEE, “The key to making
learning affordable is focusing on high-quality OERs that enhance the
educational experience for students in their courses.”GEORGIA HITS
MILESTONE: The University System of Georgia's OER repository hit a
milestone! Since its launch in 2016, the repository has clocked 100,000
full-text downloads
<https://twitter.com/ALearningGA/status/956894639251972096>. STATE UPDATE:
Thus far in 2018, there are 35 active K-12 and higher education bills in 14
states that impact OER or mention it directly. We’ve seen legislation filed
that would positively impact OER and others that could have negative
consequences. Stay tuned for updates on these bills as legislative sessions
progress. OEC ANNOUNCES NEW ED: On February 6th the Open Education
Consortium announced
its new Executive Director, Paul Stacey. Paul joins OEC after five years as
Associate Director of Global Learning for Creative Commons. Prior to
Creative Commons Paul helped found BCcampus in 2003 and led its open
education initiative for nine years. OPEN CONFERENCESUpcoming Events,
Proposal and Registration Deadlines, Report-Backs  REGISTER: Registration
is open for the Open Education Symposium hosted by  Florida State
University Libraries on March 8th. Register here:
<https://www.lib.fsu.edu/events/open-education-symposium>SAVE THE DATE: The
15th Annual Open Education Conference <https://openedconference.org/2018/>
(#OpenEd18) will be October 10-12, 2018 in Niagara Falls, NY.CALL FOR
SUBMISSIONS: Participate in Open Education Week (March 5-9) by submitting
an event you’re hosting or an open resource to be featured on the OEW
website. Submit by February 25th here:
<https://www.openeducationweek.org/page/call-for-participation>STORIES FROM
THE FIELDQuick snapshots of those making change on the ground level, and
those impactedFROM QUEBEC: “The OERs offer a way to relieve some of the
financial burden of purchasing class materials on students,” Archer said.
“It’s hard being a student. Within a single term you may even have $1,200
worth of textbooks, and making even a few of them available as OERs [can
be] helpful.”
CALIFORNIA: “The main benefit is cost reduction,” said project director
Jessica Scarffe. “Hancock has a high percentage of first-generation college
students and a high percentage of low-income students. Removing textbook
costs makes college more accessible and supports the college’s student
equity effort.”
HOT OFF THE PRESSEach edition, we’ll highlight an interesting, new,
openly-licensed resourceGrand Valley State University has released
Innovative Lessons Plans for Active Learning: Teaching Research and
Evidence-Based Practice, a guide for instructors to create engaging classes
on nursing research. Its sixteen chapters contain ideas for activities to
supplement regular classroom instruction and any undergraduate textbook for
the course. Watch the introductory video <https://youtu.be/x9NDv2H_Cdg>,
and access the guide here <https://scholarworks.gvsu.edu/books/16/>.WEIGH
INInteresting Discussions and Strategic Reads to Repost or Share Great to
Share >> OER reaches ‘inflection point,’ and states are leading the charge
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to Consider >>Provosts' Views on Online Learning and OER | Inside Higher Ed
Newest Hire Could Have a Big Impact on Online Open Education Resources | In
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Students Are Still Spending So Much for College Textbooks | The
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