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*From Camille Thomas and Mo Nyamweya, SPARC | Volume 62 | July 26th,
2018With updates from Nicole Allen, Sarah Cohen, Cable Green, and Sara
Hare.   THE OER DIGESTYour bi-weekly newsletter for open education updates,
opportunities, and reminders FEDERAL UPDATE: This week, the U.S. Congress
approved legislation reauthorizing the Perkins Career and Technical
Education Act, which governs the nation's career and technical education
(CTE) framework. Included in the bill are provisions permitting OER
<https://sparcopen.org/our-work/cte-reauthorization/> as an allowable use
of funds for state and local activities. The Department of Education took
its first public step toward implementing the $5 million Open Textbook
Pilot funded by Congress in March by issuing a call for peer reviewers
Candidates interested in reviewing applications for the pilot can submit
their resume by August 6th. New America has analysis on what to expect as
the program rolls out here
THE STATES: Texas continues to collect applications
for its OER grant program, and will hold public hearing on the draft
of its Statewide OER Feasibility Study this week. Oregon’s Higher Education
Coordinating Commission released a report
assessing progress on the OER course designation requirements established
in 2015. Recommendations include increasing consistency across institutions
and ensuring course materials are reported in a timely manner. Meanwhile,
the editors of the forthcoming monograph Marking OER Courses: Best
Practices and Case Studies
are currently seeking chapter and case study contributions.OPEN
SUSTAINABILITY: As the OER movement grows, community colleges are thinking
deeply about OER sustainability
including ways in which student savings affect institutions’ bottom lines.
To navigate this changing landscape, some community colleges are seeking
funding based on increased enrollment, while others see OER course fees as
an option. Open advocates continue to seek sustainability models that
uphold open principles and include stakeholders.  CURRENT EVENTS: This
week, the Open Textbook Network is hosting its fourth annual Summer
Institute and Summit, which brings together more than 100 leaders from
across the country to connect, share, and strengthen their programs and the
open education community. You can follow the action on Twitter at #OTNSI18
<https://twitter.com/search?q=%23OTNSI18&src=tyah>. Next week, the Greater
Western Library Alliance and Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries will
host OER: From Vision to Action, a conference to build up regional
partnerships and collaborations. Follow along at #OERvisionaction18
<https://twitter.com/search?q=%23OERvisionaction18&src=typd>.NEW CO-AUTHOR:
Hi there! I’m Mo Nyamweya and I’ve just joined the SPARC team as Open
Education Coordinator. I recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth
University, where I worked as a student employee in the library on the
campus OER initiative. I’m excited to join as a Digest co-author while
working on SPARC’s Open Education programs. You can find me at @MoNyamweya
<https://twitter.com/MoNyamweya>.OPEN CONFERENCESUpcoming Events, Proposal
and Registration Deadlines, Report-Backs REGISTER: Registration is open for
the Open Education Conference <https://openedconference.org/2018/>, October
10-12 in Niagara Falls, NY. Early bird registration ends August 31.PROGRAM:
The Open Education Southern Symposium
<https://openedss.uark.edu/schedule.php> has released its schedule and
session descriptions. The conference is October 1-2 in Fayetteville
Arkansas and registration ends September 7.SAVE THE DATE: Florida Virtual
Campus <https://www.flvc.org/> will be holding the Florida OER Summit on
October 24-25. JOB: BC Campus is hiring a Researcher for Open Practices
<https://bccampus.ca/careers/researcher-open-practices/>. This position
will work on projects that inform and advance the use of Open Educational
Practices in British Columbia post-secondary education.STORIES FROM THE
FIELDQuick snapshots of those making change on the ground level, and those
impactedFROM MICHIGAN: “Faculty OER adoptions at Lansing Community College
have increased 71% since Fall 2017. The Michigan community college now
boasts 127 faculty members in 46 courses using OER for the Fall 2018
semester, with a total of 227 sections using OER.” Read more >
<https://twitter.com/drgong/status/1021395760301191168> FROM SOUTH
CAROLINA: “USC English professor Hannah Rule switched to OERs several years
ago after receiving a $500 grant from USC libraries and USC student
government. That money goes toward overhauling the entire course, in order
to convert from conventional textbooks to free online textbooks.”
University of South Carolina’s OER program has saved students an estimated
$429,000 since 2014. At least 24 professors across seven of USC’s colleges
use open textbooks for their courses, thanks in large part to support from
the University’s student government. Read more >
HOT OFF THE PRESSEach edition, we’ll highlight an interesting, new,
openly-licensed resource The Center for Open Education Research (COER)
released Experiences in Self-Determined Learning
a textbook on heutagogy from a variety of learning environments from
secondary to the workplace. It was edited by Lisa Blaschke, Chris Kenyon
and Stewart Hase. The text is available as a PDF or in print, with all
proceeds from print copies donated to educating children in Africa.WEIGH
INInteresting Discussions and Strategic Reads to Repost or Share Great to
Share >> University of British Columbia: Recognizing Open in Promotion and
Tenure | Educause
7 Things You Should Know About Open Education: Practices |
Interesting to Consider >>Open textbooks – an untapped opportunity for
universities, colleges and schools |
<https://insights.uksg.org/articles/10.1629/uksg.427/> Free Digital
Textbooks vs. Purchased Commercial Textbooks | Inside Higher
UB research lab studies how university courses can be more ‘open’ |
Have suggestions for the next edition? Let us know at oerdigest at gmail.com
<oerdigest at gmail.com>, or tweet us @OERdigest
<https://twitter.com/oerdigest>. The OER Digest is a public newsletter
distributed to a broad group of stakeholders across the higher education
community. You can join the open Google Group or check out the distribution
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