[Open-education] Invitation for Open Education Policy Roundtable - 12 September

kszczepaniak at centrumcyfrowe.pl kszczepaniak at centrumcyfrowe.pl
Tue Sep 10 16:02:47 UTC 2019

Dear All,

After the summer break, we would like to invite you for the next Online 
Roundtable on Open Education Policy, which will take place on September 
12 at 11 am (UTC). Like always Roundtable is a chance for all of us to 
meet in
order to share information related to Open Education, understand what 
others are planning, see what maybe can be done together.

We will do a "tour de table", in which each participant will have
several minutes to share their information, plans, and comments.

What is more, we will start this Roundtable with the presentation from 
Shani Evenstein about Wikidata. Below you will find more info about this 

Webinar room:

Our online Roundtable will take an hour.

And are you follow our Open Education Links from Around the World?

All the best,
Karolina and Alek from Centrum Cyfrowe (Poland :)

Shani Evenstein presentation:
The focus would be on Wikidata, Wikipedia's sister project, which is an
open and free stuctured, linked-data knowledge base that could be used
by both humans & machines (including various AIs like Siri & Alexa). To
date, it's the biggest Semantic Web platform humanity ever created, with
over 50 million items. But it's also an emerging technology in the OER
realm (its items are essentially OERs), and in-itself hold many learning
opportunities, which are highly relevant for educators & researcher. As
such, it has the potential to completely transform the way we engage
with data, consume knowledge, teach & learn. For example, in a click of
a button you can query it and create a timeline to explore favorite
italian artists, or women chemists along history, or historical event;
Or you can show all hospitals within a 50 km radius on an interactive
map; Or show family trees, and bubble charts of whatever interest you.
So it allows to not only access very specific and relevant data we are
looking for, but also visualize it in exciting and engaging new ways.
This short presentation will showcase the power of Wikidata and will
discuss its relevance to educators

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