[open-energy] House of Commons United Kingdom Parliament

Mr. Alex Bailey yfhf-jkht at att.net
Wed Apr 27 13:53:07 BST 2011

House of Commons United Kingdom Parliament
(DFIDP) Department of Foreign Payment
International Development
Abercrombie House, Eagles ham Road,
East Kilbride, Glasgow G75 8EA

ATTN:- Beneficiary

Hope this email meets you in a perfect condition am in profess to your long pending Inheritance fund which you have not claimed due to some reasons best known to you am not sure if you have received any response from United State Department of Treasury regarding your fund worth $15,500,000.00USD awarded in your favor.

This amount is presently here in London because the outstanding inheritance fund has been issued for over 7months by the United State Government and British Government since it has been unclaimed for some reason, The fund has to came back to England not until further inquires has been made about you, because some people in your name also file for claim in this regards but after due verification processes we find out that this people are not the rightful beneficiary of this fund.

However the both FEDS has scheduled a means to get your money directly to your country, through Consignment delivery and this delivery means will assure you that you will receive your TRUNK BOX at any destination provided by you for this delivery.

Note that your funds will be packaged in a TRUNK BOX as a special consignment but will be loaded with cash inside of it the password will be given to you by the eminent board of chairmen approved by both federal government US and UK. You will need a lawyer who will back up this delivery for a signed agreement between the delivery company and you as an individual to avoid any bridge in contract.

You are to provide address where you want this TRUNK BOX to be delivered either to your bank or your home. Please note that this delivery must be confidential and only the lawyer will have communication with your bank if you want your TRUNK BOX to be delivered to your bank.

Further information will be released as soon as you have confirmed this email and respond back with vital questions and delivery destination.

Thanks for your co operation.

Department's Officer: Mac Bill
Tel- +44 7924710969
Email:- mac.bil at mail.mn

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