[open-geodata] geocoding services

William Waites ww at styx.org
Sun Dec 4 20:48:46 UTC 2011


I'm looking into doing some bulk street address -> lat,long geocoding
to enrich some datasets that I'm working with (NHS facilities,
hospitals, clinics and the like at the moment) and I'm evaluating the
various options. So far, I've looked at:

  - google: very accurate, low usage cap, permission to store and
    redistribute the resulting data very questionable
  - yahoo: less accurate but still good, much higher usage cap,
    storage and redistribution of results looks ok
  - osm/nominatim: unfortunately not very accurate, no caps and
    complete freedom of reuse and redistribution

Anything else that's worth looking at? Either a service or a dataset +
software would be just fine. The ability to reuse and redistribute is
crucial, obviously accuracy would be nice too...

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