[open-heritage] Theatricalia

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Thu Dec 2 09:46:36 UTC 2010


"Hello and welcome to Theatricalia, a database of past and future 
theatre productions.

* Anyone can add a production if it’s not on the site, or fix mistakes.
* Each place, person, and play has an RSS feed or email alert, so you 
can keep up to date with what something or someone is doing.
* Search for a person, play, place, or part; or search for a location to 
find things near you.

Theatricalia knows about 61,192 people being cast and crew in 257,395 
rôles, in 19,097 productions of 10,376 plays at 1,542 places."

This looks great. Does anyone know them? I checked the site and couldn't 
see any Open Data declaration, so I'll get in touch if nobody else has.

- Rob.

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