[open-heritage] Building the Cultural Commons Meeting Notes & Actions

Sam Leon sam.leon at okfn.org
Thu Sep 27 06:13:20 UTC 2012

Hello All,

Here are the cleaned up
notes<http://openglam.okfnpad.org/buildingtheculturalcommons> [1]
from the Building the Cultural Commons meeting at OKFestival last
Wednesday. The purpose of the day was to give people working in this field
an opportunity to share their ideas and give them a platform for future
collaboration and action.

It's great to see that so much of what was discussed has been taken to the
list. Here is a brief summary of action points that we agred would take to
this list following the meeting:

   - Create a task force for engaging contemporary artists in open
   licensing -  Lead: Sarah Stierch - Sarah has set up a Pirate Pad
   - Tumblr of key case studies for everyone to add to - Sarah Stierch has
   already set this up here <http://openglamcasestudy.tumblr.com/> [3]
   - Maarten Briknerink to gather contributions and ideas of metrics to
   measure success of open initiatives at cultural heritage insitutions - pad
   for collecting ideas  <http://openglam.okfnpad.org/openheritagemetrics>
   - Build a group to continue work on the Open Metadata Handbook and
   expand its technical sections aimed at assisting GLAMs in opening up their
   metadata - Leads: Iain Emsley & Primavera De Filippi
   - Standardised clause and flexible rights framework - Lead: Sam Leon
   - Continue work on the French document of recommendations with a view to
   making a generic EU document - Lead: Primavera De Filippi
   - PSI task force - Lead: Javier Ruiz

Thanks to everyone that attended the session, and I hope those who couldn't
make it can get involved in the follow-up activity. Let's go!


[1] http://openglam.okfnpad.org/buildingtheculturalcommons
[2] http://piratepad.net/ContemporaryArtCC
[3] http://openglamcasestudy.tumblr.com/
[4] http://openglam.okfnpad.org/openheritagemetrics

Sam Leon
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
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