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Hello everybody.

I'm glad to announce the first stable milestone release of the core GEDCOM
X specification set <http://www.gedcomx.org/Specifications.html>.

The purpose of the milestone release is to stabilize the specification set
so we can support the production release of the FamilySearch Developer
Platform <https://familysearch.org/developers/> and to provide a fixed
target on which we can base a focus on filling documentation holes and
enhancing the developer toolset.

The core specification set includes:

   - The GEDCOM X Conceptual
an abstract conceptual model for genealogical data, independent
   of any serialization format.
   - The GEDCOM X XML Serialization
how to represent the conceptual model in XML.
   - The GEDCOM X JSON Serialization
how to represent the conceptual model in JSON.
   - The GEDCOM X File
how to bundle up genealogical data into a file.

In addition to the specification set, we've released version 1.0.0.M1 of
the GEDCOM X Java <https://github.com/FamilySearch/gedcomx-java> libraries
and the GEDCOM 5.5 to GEDCOM X Conversion
which you can experiment with to convert GEDCOM 5.5 files to GEDCOM X files.

For more information about the GEDCOM X project, see the project home

For more information about the milestone release see the blog



Tod Robbins
Digital Collections Librarian, MLIS
todrobbins.com | @todrobbins <http://www.twitter.com/#!/todrobbins>

Tod Robbins
Digital Collections Librarian, MLIS
todrobbins.com | @todrobbins <http://www.twitter.com/#!/todrobbins>
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