[OpenGLAM] A Masterwork On Your Screen: Museums Digitize Collections

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Dana Allen-Greil (on list? Cc'd) from the National Gallery of Art here in D.C. took notes. We both live tweeted.

The host tried hard to find some controversy, but the guests had none of it: we had a curator/scholar/museum director, a photography department head, and an art critic all agreeing that there's nothing but good in giving the public access to free, high-resolution, public domain resources. Several times the panelists connected free/high-res/public domain images to the implicit message/value of museums in society.

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Of interest:
A Masterwork On Your Screen: Museums Digitize Collections
Many of the most famous artworks in the world have long been available to audiences looking for them on the web. But until recently, one still had to travel to museums to fully experience those masterpieces. Now museums are presenting high-resolution images of masterpieces in the public domain, allowing viewers to observe colors and textures like never before. We'll explore how technology is bringing the public closer to art and if that changes how we experience it.
Peter Dueker, Head of digital imaging services, National Gallery of Art

Anne Goodyear, President, College Art Association; co-director, Bowdoin College Museum of Art

Tyler Green, Producer, host and editor, Modern Art Notes; columnist, Modern Painters magazine

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