[OpenGLAM] 2.5 million public domain images now available.

Joris Pekel jpekel at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 08:53:10 UTC 2014

Hi everyone, welcome to September.

This already got a lot of attention over the weekend, but wanted to share
with you anyway cause it is really great. A research fellow has been
extracting over 2.5 million images from public domain books from the
internet archive. By using the OCR text that surround the images, it is
possible to quite accurately search for keywords. The metadata is of course
not perfect, but I've already seen some Wikimedians talking about ways to
improve this.
One could also think about the methods that the British Library used for
their 1 million public domain images where they show you the 'least tagged'
ones. This has resulted in every images at least tagged once by now. See:

For more information about the release see:



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