[OpenGLAM] Fixing Access to Audiovisual Heritage Online

Erwin Verbruggen everbruggen at beeldengeluid.nl
Tue May 5 12:31:32 UTC 2015

Dear OpenGLAM community,

EUscreenXL brings audiovisual heritage collections online. It also
researches what actions are needed to improve the conditions for publishing
audiovisual heritage online.

We just published our first in a series of three discussion papers – on
which we welcome your thoughts and responses.

Our primary focus for this discussion paper is on educational, scientific
and research uses of audiovisual works produced by Public Service
Broadcasters (PSBs) and works (co-)financed by public funds.

Later papers will discuss usage of materials for other purposes than
education, science and research.

You can find the discussion paper at:
https://medium.com/@euscreen/discussion-paper-1-a260ec522f3. You are
welcome to enter your thoughts directly as Medium notes by clicking the
‘+’-sign next to the paragraph – or by responding to: info at euscreen.eu.

Thanks in advance for also sharing the announcement (which includes the
first version of the strategic recommendations), which you can find here:

Warm regards,
Erwin Verbruggen

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Project lead R&D

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