[OpenGLAM] Introducing ROUTETOPA pilot partner - Issy-les-Moulineaux

Abir Ghattas abir.ghattas at okfn.org
Thu Nov 30 12:06:41 UTC 2017

Dear OpenGlam community,

*ROUTE-TO-PA* is a multidisciplinary innovation project, that aims at
improving the engagement of citizens by making them able to socially
interact over open data, by forming or joining existing online communities
that share common interests and discuss common issues.

*ROUTE-TO-PA* is engaging 5 pilots in 4 countries in order to build active
communities around its tools, particularly the Social Platform for Open
Data (SPOD) and the Transparency Enhancing Toolset (TET).

*As a member of the ROUTE-TO-PA consortium, we want to take this
opportunity and introduce the OpenGlam community to one
of ROUTE-TO-PA pilots, the city of Issy-Les-Molineaux. *

*Issy-les-Moulineaux* first initiated its open data initiative in February
2012 with an aim to achieve the following goals:

   - stimulate the creation of innovative mobile or internet applications,
   - generate new economic opportunities for businesses,
   - make the public action more understandable by the citizens and
   facilitate data journalism.

7 years later, Issy‐les‐Moulineaux is considered one of the Smartest Cities
in France and it is recognized as a national showcase for the development
of local democracy through the use of ICT. In 2015 Issy has launched a new
Open Data Portal and started the new collaboration with the European
Project, Route-to-PA, with the aim to make access and use of Open Data
easier for citizens.

We see the strong relation between the work done and promoted by
*ROUTE-TO-PA* pilots and OpenGlam principles
<https://openglam.org/principles/>. The internet presents cultural heritage
institutions with an unprecedented opportunity to *engage global audiences* and
make their collections more *discoverable* and *connected* than ever,
allowing users not only to *enjoy* the riches of the world’s memory
institutions but also to *contribute*, *participate* and *share*.

On that note, Issy-les-Moulineaux through the SPOD platform is
crowdsourcing photos of the city in the 1950s. "*Issy au fil du temps"*
an ongoing activity that encourages citizens and/or institutions to upload
their city photos during the 50s on the SPOD platform. This activity aims
at strengthening the Open Data community in Issy and making the city's
history more discoverable.

We hope through this introduction, that those interested in getting to know
more about Issy's work and RouteToPA's tools will reach out to Matteo Satta
on cc.

You can also check Issy-les-Moulineaux Data portal here
<https://data.issy.com/page/home/> as well as their website
<http://www.issy.com/opendata>, ROUTETOPA website <http://routetopa.eu/> and
Issy's facebook <https://www.facebook.com/IssylesMoulineaux/> page.

Best Regards,

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