[open-government] Open Government Data Camp, London, Autumn 2010

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Tue Jul 20 18:52:22 BST 2010

Hi all,

Just a quick heads up about an international open government data
workshop (provisionally called 'Open Government Data Camp 2010') that
will take place in UK this autumn -- probably Thursday-Friday in late
November, with optional hackday/satellite/breakout stuff at the

We're still finalising dates/venue/sponsors, but just a quick note to
get this out the door! Hopefully many of the folks on this list will
be able to make it! Hope to get the dates fixed by next week.

Further details below...

All the best,


= Open Government Data Camp 2010 =

== Details ==

  * When? Late November 2010
  * Where? Central London

== Overview ==

The proposed workshop will bring together open government data experts
from around the world -- including government representatives,
policymakers, lawyers, technologists, academics, advocates, citizens,
journalists and reusers. It will aim to:

  * build consensus around key legal, technical and policy issues
related to opening up government information
  * strengthen the diverse community of people working on different
aspects of opening up official data around the world -- from both
inside and outside government
  * encourage the exchange of experiences and expertise between those
involved in leading open government data initiatives in different

Presentations will be kept to a minimum -- with only a handful of very
short talks and announcements from key players. The focus of the
workshop will be on productive discussion, work on a set of principles
and documentation, and some work on prototyping applications and
services built on open government data.

== Sessions ==

Possible sessions include:

  * How can we encourage other countries to open up official information?
  * Open government data in law and policy: obstacles and opportunities
  * Promoting reuse: competitions, community engagement, the role of the media
  * Finding open government data: catalogues, registries and metadata
  * Raw Data Now! Technical aspects of opening up government data
  * The role and value of linked data
  * Open government data and data journalism

== Outputs ==

Projected outputs include:

  * First draft of an international 'open data manual' (organised as a
'Book Sprint')
  * A set of key open government data principles
  * A timeline of key developments for open government data around the world
  * A comprehensive list of official initiatives -- including data
catalogues and competitions
  * A list of key examples of the reuse of open government data
  * Launch of RawDataNow.com -- illustrating what we mean by 'raw
data' aimed at those who publish official information
  * Brainstorming about projects which would make it easier for
citizens to find, analyse and visually represent the data they are
looking for

== Partners ==

Partners may include:

  * Cabinet Office, UK
  * EU LAPSI project, Turin, Italy
  * EU LOD2 project, Leipzig, Germany
  * Guardian, UK
  * Open Knowledge Foundation, UK
  * Sunlight Foundation, USA

== Participants ==

We anticipate roughly 80-150 participants. Projected participants
include representatives from key government and citizen driven
initiatives in:

  * Argentina
  * Australia
  * Austria
  * Belgium
  * Brazil
  * Canada
  * Denmark
  * Finland
  * France
  * Germany
  * Hungary
  * Iceland
  * India
  * Ireland
  * Italy
  * Luxembourg
  * Netherlands
  * New Zealand
  * Norway
  * Spain
  * Sweden
  * Taiwan
  * United Kingdom
  * United States

Jonathan Gray

Community Coordinator
The Open Knowledge Foundation


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