[open-history] Using Weaving History for digital bibliography

Marie Léger-St-Jean marie.leger.st.jean at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 13:09:05 UTC 2011


I've been trying out Weaving History to potentially use alongside my
digital bibliography:

Price One Penny: Cheap literature from the 1840s and 1850s

You can see my test at:


I have a few questions and comments:

- Great job! I loooooove the automatic page generator from Wikipedia!

- But it won't add the longitude and latitude properly...
they appear when I save the factlet, but the moment I try the
Geochrono View, they disappear...

- I would want to create different types of factlets:
authors/publishers, jobs/locations (the time span during which a
particular author is editor of a particular periodical, the time span
during which a publisher has his office at a particular location),

- Is Weaving History the right place to be doing something like this?
Or should I
reuse the code on my own website?

- If Weaving History is the right place, how should I group these into
(a) thread(s)? A single "Penny bloods" thread? and/or the multiple
"Penny blood authors", "Penny blood publishers", "Penny blood

- How should I consider the "thread" in cases which are non-linear,
like a bunch of authors?

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

Please reply to my email since I am not a member of the list...

Ph.D. candidate, English
Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge

Graduate Representative:
English Faculty | School of Arts and Humanities

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