[open-humanities] Open Literature Bulletin: Changes to Open Literature Mailing List

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Sun Oct 23 10:39:59 UTC 2011

On 22 October 2011 10:56, James Harriman-Smith
<open-shakespeare at okfn.org> wrote:
> Dear All,

Aside: as per usual please do post these updates online (i guess on
<http://humanities.okfn.org/> now ...). I'd love to link to this. I
also wonder given how much "awesomeness" there is in this update that
it merits a post on blog.okfn.org :-)

> First the usual news, then some warning about minor administrative changes
> to this mailing list.

> * The 'Open Reading' proposal submitted to the University of Bologna's
> 'Invent the Future' competition was successful, and we shall soon be
> receiving funding to finance the development of more links between
> annotation and literary work automatically certified as in the public domain
> * (more details next week when everything is all a bit clearer)

Amazing! Congrats to you and Primavera for pulling this together!

> - Shakespeare and the Internet has now concluded, having attracted three
> times the amount of habitual traffic to the website. Another such series is
> planned for the future, and I would gladly take suggestions for its topic.

More amazing! Well done James!

> - We have been contacted by CliffsNotes to advertise their new Shakespearean
> mash-ups. For those who want to look at them, they can be found
> here: http://asm.ly/16o
> - New word of the day: 'Harbinger', which has a particularly tortured
> etymology. http://openshakespeare.org/word/harbinger
> (Note that Open Shakespeare is currently down but will be back soon)

> Now, the administrative changes:

Tip for the future -- as mentioned before ;-0 -- more, smaller, emails
are better (and emails with one subject only!). People may not have
read this far ...

> - The Open Knowledge Foundation currently hosts both an Open Literature and
> an Open Humanities list, each of which receives very few messages.

Relatively few messages :-)

> - With this in mind we have decided to combine Open Literature into Open
> Humanities, as many of our concerns overlap.
> - In the next week or so, you will probably receive an email welcoming you
> to open-humanities at lists.okfn.org: apart from this, there will be no other

If you are currently on open-literature only (if you are on both,
don't worry you won't be subscribed twice!)

> visible changes, and I will continue to write literature bulletins on a
> weekly basis.
> - Further down the line, I shall be writing about changes to the working
> group structure, intended to make volunteering for the humanities side of
> the OKF far simpler.

Again, a big thank-you and big well-done James (and colleagues) for
all the cool stuff happening here.


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