[open-humanities] 25,000 early modern texts to be released CC0

James Cummings James.Cummings at it.ox.ac.uk
Tue Dec 30 23:09:48 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I don't want to pre-empt our more official announcement in the 
next day or so, which I'll make sure to send to this list, but 
all these texts will be released in a variety of forms.

The total number is actually more than 25000 (even in the phase 1 
CC0 release from 1 Jan 2015). The TEI P5 XML is the modern 
'source' that you should use for any future derivative projects: 
I would strongly recommend not starting from the TCP original 
SGML. (A lot of work has gone into this conversion to preserve 
intellectual content and intentions of the original encoders.) In 
addition to the TEI P5 XML, a basic HTML Web version of each 
text, EPUB version, and a link to ProQuest's EEBO images (but you 
institution needs to subscribe to that) will be available from 
the University of Oxford Text Archive. The 'source' link will go 
to a GitHub repository for each text. There are tools we will 
provide on github for those wishing to download all of the 
individual texts.

Happy New Year.


On 30/12/14 12:45, John Levin wrote:
> On 30/12/2014 11:45, Andrea Zanni wrote:
>> Wow, cool!
>> It will be possible to download all texts + metadata? There is
>> an API
>> for the website?
> Don't know about APIs, but the notice linked does state that the
> whole lot will be available from box.com.
> John
>> Andrea
>> On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 11:28 AM, John Levin <john at anterotesis.com
>> <mailto:john at anterotesis.com>> wrote:
>>     Notice from the Text Creation partnership:
>> http://www.__textcreationpartnership.org/__2014/12/24/eebo-tcp-phase-i-__public-release-what-to-expect-__on-january-1/
>> <http://www.textcreationpartnership.org/2014/12/24/eebo-tcp-phase-i-public-release-what-to-expect-on-january-1/>
>>     Texts to be released on January 1st.
>>     I think these are the same as the ones I uploaded ages ago
>> to CKAN
>>     (can't find URL right now), but with full xml markup.
>>     Uses? Not sure, and I don't have the time to do anything
>> with them.
>>     Perhaps they could be treated a la Project Gitenberg?
>>     Happy new year!
>>     John

Dr James Cummings, James.Cummings at it.ox.ac.uk
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