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James Harriman-Smith james.harriman-smith at okfn.org
Sat Jan 4 11:42:39 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I've just been catching up on my emails, and on rereading Andrew's message,
I think it would be really good to have a Skype chat about useful overlaps
between Annotation Studio and Open Literature.

For one thing, a backend based closely on the OKF's Annotator would (I
guess?) make it much easier to import existing annotations from Open
Shakespeare - including the 3 500 FinalsClub Foundation ones, which I
really want to put back up online.

So, how about a skype chat? https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/openlit/
Fill in this doodle with your availabilities, and if sufficient numbers
reply we may also try to follow the chat with a short online hacking
session to prepare for the sprint.



On 31 December 2013 06:28, Andrew Magliozzi <andrew at finalsclub.org> wrote:

> Hi Open Humanitarians,
> I just heard from Rufus that James and company are beginning a new
> development sprint for Textus in late January in order to get
> OpenLiterature.net off the ground.  Here is the documentation for those who
> are unfamiliar with the goals of the sprint:
> http://pad.okfn.org/p/openlit-sprint
> As with OpenShakespeare, the FinalsClub Foundation is willing to
> contribute our 3,500 Shakespeare annotations.  In addition, I wanted to
> bring to the group's attention an open source digital humanities project
> that might prove useful.
> MIT's Annotation Studio - https://github.com/hyperstudio/Annotation-Studio- is built in Ruby on Rails and uses OKFN's Annotator.  This project would
> provide much of the functionality necessary for OpenLiterature's needs.  It
> also has adoption from digital humanities groups at Harvard and Stanford.
> I've cc'd Jamie Folsom, Annotation Studio's lead developer, to join the
> conversation.  Please share your questions, comments, or concerns here.
> Happy New Year,
> Andrew Magliozzi
> FinalsClub Foundation
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