[Open-Legislation] Program(mer) needed

Ronny Patz r.patz at gmx.eu
Tue Feb 15 11:45:53 UTC 2011

Hi all,

little question to the programmers united here:

I need a simple and easy to use program that reads an A-B matrix (e.g.  
csv or xls; labels of items in A and B included; cells are binary),  
transforms it into a B-A matrix and then multiplies the two (either A- 
B*B-A or B-A*A-B). The result file will be an A-A or B-B matrix  
(including labels). It should work on multiple platforms (I use Mac)  
and not hang up with large matrices (e.g. with A or B containing  
10,000 items).

I know that these kind of transformations are included as a standard  
operation in several programming languages, but I have no programming  
skills to implement that on my own. I'd be glad to hear whether such a  
program exists somewhere. I'd also be ready to pay for this if its  
doable for a reasonable price.


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