[Open-Legislation] Fwd: 01.Workshop on Open Data and Reuse of Public Sector Information at Digital Agenda Assembly

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Mon Jun 13 13:26:27 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jun 09, 2011 at 12:19:10PM +0200, JOSEFSSON Erik wrote:
> See mail below.


> May I also remind you about this dossier:
> 	Official Journal of the EU: electronic publication
> 	http://euwiki.org/APP/2011/0070
> There is a fight over legal base for this dossier, and whether or not you can introduce arguments/demands relating to (technical) access/use (e.g. Open Standards and Free Use from Patent and/or Data Base Rights).

thanks for this explanation, i had a look at this dossier, but never really
understood the relevance, this seemed to be about authoritativity of online
publication. not as you say access/use issues. if there is indeed a
possibility to also address this, that would be great. tbh i think the current
infrastructure is not bad, you get quite good data. the underlying
db must be able to also easily support machine-readable output like csv, xml
or json for metadata. the fact that most of the official documents from the eu
use some kind of word templates allows also for some more finegrained
publishing for machine processors than pdf/word/html documents. summa sumarum
i'd say that our biggest concern of getting good raw data could very cheaply
be solved. 

the licensing is:
> Except where otherwise stated, downloading and reproduction, for personal
> use or for further non-commercial or commercial dissemination, of legal
> texts and other documents publicly available on the EUR-Lex website are
> authorised...

quite nice, so to say.

format: a similar markup like the brits do in their parlament output (hat tip
to jeni) would be awesome.

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