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Hi all, I'm Ricardo Poppi and I worked on Ministry of Justice, working with
online public consultant. I did some remarks on your text Fabricio.

2011/5/12 Fabricio C Zuardi <fabricio at fabricio.org>

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> Hi,
> I am here in Brasilia sitting with Rufus.
> We just got this huge dataset (150Gb of scanned documents from Justice
> Ministry), the content as far as I could understand is the logs of the
> proccess that made the laws, and the documents archive covers a big time
> interval, there are stuff going back since the 40s or even older,
> Ricardo Poppi copied in this email maybe can give us more info.

Those images were scanned from a huge physical database of a reference
sector on Brazilian Ministry of Justice. This database comes from nineteen
century but not all of them were scanned. All laws that were scanned are on
the index documents (XLS).

> The problem with this dataset is that they have the scanned documents
> and some metadata on spreadsheets, but the relationship between the
> pictures and the metadata got missed sometime on a proprietary IBM
> system crash around 2006 I think.

The system crashed on 2009 when documents were being scanned. The system was
an IBM Content Manager instalation and there is no support for this version
anymore. The common reference to all documents is that each one of them are
related to a single Law Project (Parlament Bill). Like that:

Lots of docs with discussions on camara of Deputy ---------|
Lots of docs with discussion on senate ---------------------------|====> Law
Project Number X
 Oficial diary
publication --------------------------------------------------|

But on the file base, we don't know, previously which files relates to each
one of those phases. And we don't know neither, how to group the files
related to a single Law Project. This relation were lost when the system

> Any suggestions or ideas on what should we do with that?
> Oh, BTW, I am Fabricio and this is my first message to the list :P
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