[Open-Legislation] United States Congressional Legislative Data and Transparency Conference

Anne L. Washington, PhD annew at gwu.edu
Thu Jan 26 18:37:57 UTC 2012

Saw the message on the conference in Paris on legislative data this 
morning. It seems to be in the air...

The United States Congress is holding a conference next week on 
legislative data. This is an amazing shift.  Congress looks at how it 
handles technology about once every 20 years. This is a rare opportunity. 
The fact that this is an open and public forum is extraordinary.

The schedule doesn't seem to be published yet but I included a preview 
program that I received.  I'm leading the panel on extending the XML and 
Metadata Standards.

The Committee on House Administration is holding a Legislative Data and 
Transparency Conference on February 2, 2012, from 9AM to 6PM in Cannon 
Caucus Room, 345 Cannon HOB.

The Legislative Data and Transparency Conference brings together 
Legislative Branch agencies with data users and transparency advocates to 
discuss the use and future of legislative data. The conference will 
address how agencies manage the creation and availability of legislative 
data and how to further improve the process.  If you have any questions, 
please contact the Committee on House Administration via phone at 
202-225-8281 or via email at legdataconference at mail.house.gov.


The schedule as I understand will be:

The Current State of Transparency
Introduction to the Legislative Information Flow

Panel 1: Legislative Branch Initiatives
Legislative Branch Agencies that create information

Panel 2: Legislative Branch Initiatives
Legislative Branch Agencies that disseminate information

Panel 3: What is data and what is available?
The impact and understandability of current data use

Panel 4: Extending XML and Metadata Standards

Panel 5: Integrating Video and Metadata

Panel 6: Defining Transparency Success Measures
Next Steps for Improving Transparency

Anne L. Washington, PhD
Academic Work: George Mason University
Standards Work: W3C GLD working group

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