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Hi Fabrizio,

The announced Topic Streams [1] are all wide and include content from 
several narrower domains of interest. The idea is to at the same time 
let experts around the world meet and share thougts in their domain and 
also mix the people from different domains and this way find new food 
for thoughts.

We would not like to introduce any more topic streams (at least not 
before the second open call for proposals end), so if the "Open 
Democracy and Citizen Movements" is OK as an umbrella for the 
Parliamentary Monitoring related content I suggest that the planning 
happens for now under that topic stream.

Currently the Open Democracy Topic Stream -people have discussion group 
in Facebook [2] and a planning wiki [3]. Jussi Nissilä is the Topic 
Stream facilitator from the OKfestival Core Organizer -group.

[1] http://okfestival.okfnpad.org/helsinki?
[2] http://www.facebook.com/groups/opendemocracy.okfest 
[3] http://okfestival.okfnpad.org/democracy-stream

It is also perfectly ok to just gather group of people and make 
Parliament Monitoring related submission(s) to second open call for 
proposals, these should be then targetted to the Open Democracy -stream. 
The Guest Programme Planners of the stream will then go trough the 
submissions and if approved put them in place into the OKfestival programme.

OKfestival core organizer team member (mostly responsible for 
Datajournalism and data visualization related stuff)

On 18.5.2012 1:27, Fabrizio Scrollini wrote:
> Hi all,
> Some of you might know me, but just in case Fabrizio from Uruguay, 
> living in London for a while, doing a PhD on FOI.
> There is a group of Uruguayans collaborating with others, on the 
> Parliamentary monitoring stream and they will go to Paris (me as well) 
> and to Helsinki (we are trying to sort out how)
> In terms of streams I think if you have a big enough crowd to organise 
> a Parliamentary Monitoring stream you should go ahead, as really good 
>  outcomes could come up from there. The challenges of this stream IMHO 
> is about convergence of technical standards on one side, as well as 
> building up the right set of incentives to collaborate with other PMO 
> that are already doing great stuff on the field
> If not the umbrealla Open Democracy can also include other initiatives 
> (like FOI alaveteli kind of initiatives) or electoral speech 
> verification. This is also good,but different from just focusing on PMO.
> Best wishes,
> Fabrizio
> On 17 May 2012 22:33, Antti Poikola <antti.poikola at gmail.com 
> <mailto:antti.poikola at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi Benjamin and others,
>     don't worry too much about the Topic Stream complexities.
>     Basically it means that each stream has bunch of people (Guest
>     Programme Planners) doing the actual planning for that topic and
>     we have now the second call for proposals where people (like you)
>     may submit content -ideas for the streams (
>     http://okfestival.org/call-for-proposals/ )
>     From Finland it seems that possibly Juha Yrjölä or someone else
>     from the Kansanmuisti (Finnish Parliament Monitoring Organization)
>     will be in Paris, maybe you could try to find each other and
>     suggest some kind of discussion continuum between Paris and Helsinki.
>     The Open Democracy and Civic Movements -topic stream people are
>     having discussion about this in their planning Facebook Group If
>     you wish to participate (someone needs to add you to the group)
>     http://www.facebook.com/groups/opendemocracy.okfest
>     <http://www.facebook.com/groups/opendemocracy.okfest/147425308716168/>
>     BR,
>     -Jogi
>     On 17.5.2012 20:02, Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou wrote:
>>>     Are there any people on the lists who already know that will participate
>>>     both Paris and Helsinki -events?
>>     At least one person from Regards Citoyens (organising the conference
>>     in Paris) should be in Helsinki as well, but as we precised in our
>>     application, as we all are volunteers, we probably won't be able to be
>>     there for the full week but only for 2 or 3 days.
>>     I believe we are not the only ones in this situation, so I think the
>>     stream thing (which I agree with Daniel sounds quite complex at the
>>     moment) should be used to focus each event related to the stream
>>     within only a couple days, so that people interested especially in one
>>     or two particular streams can attend them without having to be there
>>     the full week.
>>     Regarding organisation of this, I guess the regular
>>     keynotes/presentations/workgroup sessions/hacksessions/discussiontime
>>     should be good?
>>     As an outcome of the previous PMO meeting with Tom and Andrew among
>>     plenty others, and as we envision the Paris event, I believe that two
>>     important issues should be discussed during this stream as a follow-up
>>     : how to collaborate between common projects over the world, both on
>>     the technical (like with PopIt from mySociety) and advocating (around
>>     the current draft of the declaration for open parliaments) aspects.
>>     For french readers, we've just posted a blogpost on this here :
>>     http://www.regardscitoyens.org/mutualiser-les-efforts-pour-plus-de-transparence-dans-les-parlements-du-monde-entier/
>>     Cheers,
>>     Benjamin for Regards Citoyens
>>>     -Jogi
>>>     On 16.5.2012 23:28, Daniel Dietrich wrote:
>>>>     Hi Lucy,
>>>>     there was a thread (WG lists CC'ed) about the idea to organize some
>>>>     sessions around "open parliamentary / legislation data"[1]  as a
>>>>     continuation of the debate that goes from PMO conference in DC[2] to the
>>>>     upcoming Paris[3] conference.
>>>>     I think this is a great idea and we should try to make it happen. Maybe
>>>>     people involved (Benjamin, Tom, Andrew and others) would help coordinating
>>>>     this a bit?
>>>>     In regards to the streams: This has all become a bit complex. I understand
>>>>     it all makes perfect sense from the org point of view, but - to be honest -
>>>>     I don't care under which "stream" good things are happening - as long as
>>>>     they are actually happening :)
>>>>     Lets push things fwd!
>>>>     Daniel
>>>>     1. we agreed that the term "parliamentary informatics" actually suites
>>>>     better
>>>>     2.http://www.ndi.org/node/18544
>>>>     3.http://www.lafabriquedelaloi.fr/
>>>>     On 16 May 2012, at 19:46, Lucy Chambers wrote:
>>>>>     There has just been a very good question raised in the Open Democracy
>>>>>     Facebook group:
>>>>>     "Will this stream have a Parliamentary monitoring element?" - I just
>>>>>     quickly wanted to check whether any of the other streams (Government,
>>>>>     Legislation etc.) were considering an element like this?
>>>>>     If so, please shout out - otherwise we shall progress with discussing
>>>>>     including it in the Open Democracy Stream!
>>>>>     Lucy
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> Fabrizio Scrollini

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