[Open-Legislation] Open Legislation for all of us!

Clemens Wass clemens at wass.at
Thu Sep 26 09:39:18 UTC 2013

Dear all,

the Law Mining Hackathon 2013 in Geneva during the OKCon was a huge success
and led to the re-activation of this OKFN working group and mailing list.

Everybody is taking about open data, open innovation and open source
software today. Why shouldn't the legal community benefit from these
concepts as well? We would like you to become active in this forum! What
are your thoughts?

Sometimes it does not take a huge effort to drive innovation, as we have
seen in Geneva. A few projects have been launched in only three days:

- Case Law as a Service (CLaaS)
- Open Laws Search (http://www.openlaws.eu/)
- Open This Data (http://button.datalets.ch)
- Open Privacy Legislation (http://cdb.io/19dvTYx)

Special thanks to the team in Switzerland: Christian, Oleg and Jean-Henry.
You were great!
Read more about the hackathon projects here:

What can you do?

- Spread the word to your colleagues and friends.
- Ask them to join our mailing list: http://legislation.okfn.org
- Become active in our mailing list and start discussions!

To get the ball rolling:

- What do you think about the hackathon projects?
- How much would you share with others? How open are you?
- What do you think about Open Access Journals in the legal field?
- How will future legal services look like in an open environment?

Just as a reminder, the OKFN Open Legislation Working Group exists to:


   *Define the area of Open Legislation – what it means and what it
   involves.* In our view there are at least three facets: availabilty of
   legal documents, information on law-making processes and the collaborative
   work on legal documents.

   *Act as a central point of reference and support for people who are
   interested in open legislation*

   *Identify practices of early adopters, collecting data and developing

   *Act as a hub for the development of low cost, community driven projects
   related to open legislation*

Best, Clemens

About me: I am a legal professional with a good understanding of
technology. I am based in Salzburg, Austria but I also teach at the Vienna
University of Economics and Business. You can find my profile here:
at.linkedin.com/pub/clemens-wass/1/945/aa2/. I have volunteered to handle
the administrative work around this mailing list, so please, give me
something to do ;-)

JOIN: http://legislation.okfn.org
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