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Just sharing with the group the suggestions on the law census design that professor Sergio Puig sent today. If ok with everybody I will add the five categories he has proposed. This week I am assessing the international courts and administrative tribunals, and as soon as the app is up and ready the outreach campaign is also ready to be launched.
Thank everyone that has showed his/her support and willingness to participate, really looking forward to launch!

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que te parece? 10 es un buen numero.

1) Decisions and Orders
2) Dissenting and Separate Opinions
3) Votes by  Judges/Decision-makers
4) Information Regarding Judges/Decision-makers
5) Procedural History of each Case
6) Total Number of Cases
7) Summary of Main Holding
8) Clerks and Legal Staff
9) Lawyers Involved in each Case
10) Information regarding compliance
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