[Open-Legislation] Innovating Justice Award 2015

Clemens M. Wass clemens at wass.at
Thu Sep 3 08:16:32 UTC 2015

Dear all,

The Innovating Justice Award 2015 (https://innovatingjustice.com/en/ <https://innovatingjustice.com/en/>) has just launched the online voting. There are a few projects from Europe, I do not know if the initiators are also on this mailing list. If so, please reply and send us the link to your innovation.

There are interesting projects, it is worth browsing through the application! Please let the group know what you think. It may be inspiring for the whole group. Currently, projects from the USA and Canada are leading. As a European, I would hope of course that also some European projects can catch up during the voting.

All the best,


PS/Disclaimer: I am part of the openlaws project (https://innovatingjustice.com/en/#!/projects/openlaws <https://innovatingjustice.com/en/#!/projects/openlaws>) and would be happy of course, if you could vote for it too. It would mean publicity and also some funding for development. A description and a short video can be found there as well. Thank you!

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