[open-linguistics] Lexical resource

Jonathan Pool pool at utilika.org
Wed Jun 1 22:12:56 UTC 2011

If it seems appropriate, Utilika Foundation's PanLex project (or resource) can be added to the CKAN/LOD Cloud Candidates spreadsheet. PanLex is a lexical database that documents translations (including synonymies) among lexemes. It is under construction, but at the moment it has the metrics below. We are working on a UI and an API so others can create alternative UIs and use PanLex for applications. We are happy to make the data accessible to others without restrictions or cost.


      3,323 resources acquired for consultation (http://utilika.org/info/plrefs.shtml)
      1,121 of these resources consulted so far
      6,662 language varieties with lexemes
 17,621,880 lexemes
446,906,568 pairs of lexemes with one or more attested translations

Current work on PanLex is described at http://utilika.org/info/work.html .

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