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Richard Littauer richard.littauer at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 14:07:13 UTC 2011


As I said in a previous email, I'm an MA Linguistics graduate from
Edinburgh. I'm very interested in Open Knowledge, and have been working for
a while on a few ideas for Linguistics.

Currently, I'm doing an internship with DataOne, an ecological organisation
based in the US, looking at scientific workflow systems like Kepler and
Taverna, trying to see if we can categorise workflows in an efficient and
understandable way, to see how scientists in bioinformatics and the like do
their work. I've submitted a proposal to talk about this to the main
committee for the OKF, and they said they'd think about it, but I probably
need to make my abstract a bit more clear. So I've written up an abstract
here <http://epad.dataone.org/fp0IIP016G> - any help with how I could word
it better would be really appreciated, as I haven't done many professional
abstracts before. The details of my internship are
I'm working on it with my mentors as well.

How does this relate to Linguistics? Well, I've been thinking that a lot of
the workflow systems I've been looking at would work in the field of corpus
linguistics if we merely had open source databases online that we could look
at. I've thought of a few tentative uses already - data curation using
outsourced human components, supplementary data checking using WALS and
automated regexp searching, and particularly grabbing phonemic word lists
from offline. I'd like to talk about this at the Linguistics workshop, if
that'd be alright. It kind of depends on whether my rough abstract above is
accepted for a talk (it's a very late submission), because that decides
whether I can come or not, but if that happens, I would really love to get
feedback on my ideas for open source linguistics databases that could lead
to open source linguistic methodological workflows.

What do you think? Apologies if this is the wrong place for this email -
again, I'm new.

Richard Littauer
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